Other Voices, Other Worlds

The Global Church Speaks Out on Homosexuality

Terry Brown

978 0 232 52569 4
Paperback |352 pp |216 x 135 mm
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This groundbreaking book exposes as a myth the assumption that the global Anglican Church is split between liberals in the ‘north’ and traditionalists in the ‘south’ on the issue of homosexuality. The differences between the two sides are said to be fundamental and irreconcilable.

In Other Voices, Other Worlds, edited by Bishop Terry Brown of Malaita in the South Pacific, bishops and theologians from Africa, Asia, Latin America and elsewhere insist that the conversation between Anglicans about homosexuality must continue. They reveal the rich historical and cross-cultural complexity to same-sex relationships, and bring surprising new perspectives to a debate that has become stale and predictable. There is no simple north-south split on the homosexuality issue.

Bishop Terry Brown is one of several contributors who write frankly about their own sexuality. The bishop writes, ‘Scripture, reason and the voice of the church have not been allowed their full freedom to range across history, cultures and the broad range of human experience and have instead been narrowed into one proposition - all homosexual practice is evil - which is then imposed upon the church as doctrine. Other Voices, Other Worlds challenges this ultimately oppressive model.’

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