Walk to Jerusalem

In Search of Peace

Gerard W. Hughes

978 0 232 51917 4
Paperback |256 pp |216 x 135 mm
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'Those who have read Gerard Hughes' book In Search of a Way will want to read Walk to Jerusalem. Nor will they be disappointed when they do so. To read this book is to meet a man with a passion for justice, peace, unity; a man with a lively and well-stored mind a deep spiritual life. The long trek of 1700 miles on foot did not rob him of his sense of humour. Readers will enjoy that, though they may not enjoy facing the stern realities which a reading of this book will bring before them.'

Donald Coggan

'I greatly enjoyed a Walk to Jerusalem with Gerry Hughes. It is a fascinating double journey of feet and mind with the common thread of peace-making running through both. Since it is recorded in book form, all the difficult travelling can now be done with him from an armchair.'

Bruce Kent

'What can little people do?' was the question put to Gerard Hughes by a Yugoslav barman reflecting on the state of his own country, world poverty, international relations and the possibility of nuclear war. It was a question Gerard Hughes had often put to himself and which had set him walking from Ayrshire to Jerusalem in search of an answer.

Walk to Jerusalem describes the outer journey, mostly on foot, and the inner journey of his mind and heart as he ponders the question, 'What can we little people do?' His answer is, 'Infinitely more than we think.'

Gerard Hughes' reflections on the nature of justice and the implications of belief in Christ's peace are thought-provoking. This is a challenging book which examines the nature of our spirituality today and takes us to the heart of Christian faith.

Gerard W. Hughes lives in Oxford, but works ecumenically on spirituality throughout the world, introducing retreats in daily life and offering training courses to enable lay people to accompany other lay people in prayer and in retreat-giving. He is also the author of God of Surprises, In Search of a Way and God, Where Are You?.
ISBNs: 9780232519174 978-0-232-51917-4 Title: walk to jerusalem